Orchestra :


In Memory of : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp./strings c.a. 5 min. 

Sinfonia concertante : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp./srings ca. 25 min. with solo for each 1st section

Mini cirque : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/strings ca 10 min - for young people

Circus : 3/3/3/3;4/2/2/1;timp./perc/strings. ca 25 min for family concerts 


Piano and orchestra :


Piano concerto no 1: 2/2/2/2;4/2/2;timp/piano solo/stringsca 25 min

Piano concerto no 2: 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/piano solo strings ca 25 min.

Nicolosi concerto : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/piano solo/strings ca 28 min. 

Arirang concerto : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/piano solo/strings ca 12min inspired by korean folk song

Cubania concerto : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp;piano solo/strings ca 20 min inspired by Cuban rythms. 


Violin and orchestra :


Violin concerto no 1 :2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/solo violin/strings ca 22 min.

Violin concerto no 2 : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/solo violin/strings ca 20 min.

Tehilim : for violin and orchestra : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/solo violin/strings ca 25 min inspired by Sephardic themes 


Cello and orchestra : 


Concerto for cello and orchestra : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/solo cello/strings ca 25 min


Double bass and orchestra :


3 Moods for orchestra : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/solo bass/strings

Intermezzi for double bass and orchestra : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/dble bass solo/strings ca 12 min.


Guitar and orchestra :


Espania for guitar and orchestra : 2/2/2/2;2/2/2;timp/solo guitar/strings ca 25 min. 


Choir and orchestra :


Oratorio Jesus Christus : 2/2/2/2;4/2/2/1;timp/perc/5 soloists/strings 60 min.

Cantate 3 : 1/1;mixed choir; 1 solo cantor; 2 perc. strings 90 min work gringing together the tree major monotheistic religions : Jewish, Christian and Islamic.


Chamber music : 


Suite pour piano et cordes and suite for string quartet

Portrait d'un musicien 

Intermezzi for bass or cello

Piano quartet

Arabesque for solo guitar


Piano solo :


Mini cirque

Variations pour enfants sages

Le jardin de Claire